S3 Knowledge

S3 Access Point Access simplifies access point for various user group who wants to acess the S3 buckets.

S3 Object Lamda

Objective: AWS Lamda function will change the object before application object retrives it.

  • Instead, of having various S3 object'd version, you can have S3 object Lambda Access point. For example,
  • Elastic container service(ECS)

    The purpose of the ECS is run the docker container in the AWS. However, to launch the EC2 type, you would need to provision and maintain Ec2 instances. Each Ec2 instance must run ECS agent to register in the ECS cluster.


    It also launches the docket container in the AWs, but it is serverless. It means that there is no need to provision or maintain EC2 instance. AWS provision and maintain the Ec2 instance based on the need automatically.

    IAM roles for the EC2

    ECS Service Creation handles on

  • ECS Details